Letra de 'Sara' por Mac Fleetwood

Wait a minute baby...
Stay with me a while
Said you'd give me light
But you never told me about the fire

Drowning in the sea of love
Where everyone would love to drown
And now its gone
It doesn't matter anymore
When you uild your house
Then call me home

And he was just like a great dark wing
Within the wings of a storm
I think i had met my match - he was singing
And undiong the laces
Undoing the laces

The night is coming and the starling
Flew for days
I'd stay at home at night all the time
I'd go anywhere, anywhere
Ask me and i'll be there because i care

Sara, you're the poet in my heart
Never change, never stop
And now it's gone
It doesn't matter what for
When you build your house, i'll come by

All i ever wanted
Was to know that you were dreaming
[theres a heartbeat
And it never really died].

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