That's Alright

Letra de 'That's Alright' por Mac Fleetwood


Meet me down by the railway station
I've been waiting
I'm through waiting for you
Train sings the same kind of blues

[Verse 1]
Well, I don't know why I always trusted
Sometimes I think that I must have
I must have been crazy
Crazy to wait on you, baby
Turned around and got pushed down, baby
Now I decided yesterday that I would leave you
I'm alright

Please, I've been taking my time
You know, it's been on my mind
I hope you find a love
Your own designs of love
That's alright
That's alright

[Verse 2]
I believe, I believe that I know you
But we've been a long time
Now I've got to show you, that I
Well, I never did believe in time
You know, changing anybody's mind
Now, I can't define love like it should be
That's alright
It's alright


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