Accidentally in love

Letra de 'Accidentally in love' por Maroon 5

So she says what's the problem baby?

what's the problem? I don't know
well maybe I'm in love (love!)
Think about it every time I think about
Can't stop thinking about it

How much longer will it take to cure this?
Just to cure it
cause' I can't ignore it if it's love (love!)
Makes me wanna
turn around and face me
But I don't know nothing about love

Come on, come on!
Turn a little faster
Come on, come on!
The world will follow after
Come on, come on!
because everybody's after loove

So I said I'm a snowball running
running down into the spring that's coming all these love
melting out blues skies
melting out sunlight shimmering love Well baby I surrender to the strawberry ice cream
never ever end all of this love!
Well I didn't mean to do it
cause' there's no escaping your love (aahh)

These lights of lightning
means we're never alone, never alone

Come on, come on
Move a little closer
Come on, come on
I wanna hear you whisper
Come on, come on
Settle down inside my looove
I'm in loove...

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