Fuck Wit Y'all

Letra de 'Fuck Wit Y'all' por Z-Ro


Why y'all, wanna f*** with us
We don't f*** with y'all, (fuck with y'all)
Run up on us, with that nothing
Nigga you gon be in the ground, (in the ground)
Soldiers, united for the cash
This is the battlefield (battlefield)
So all that bumping gums, and talking down
That shit'll get you killed (get you killed)

I wake up early in the evening, roll myself a cigarillo
We talk to my Guerilla Maab, niggas'll roll solo
All these other rap niggas, act so PH-banish
Straight up strong enough for a man, but just too weak to take
the challenge
And each way with display, they got no back bone
They looking like jellyfish to me, about to get they back blown
Cause we ride on niggas, and disguise on niggas
Glock cocked we hop out, and surprise on niggas
You in danger, I've never been a stranger to homicide
Cause in my hood, we kill eachother just to stay alive
It's Screwed, so I f*** with Rap-A-Lot but I'm still broke
Can't afford to stay in the 4 Seasons, but I still smoke
Why y'all niggas fuc*** with me, I wanna be free
But jealousy and envy, be watching me planning on stopping me
F*** that, I'm a Ridgemont 4 gangsta and I bust back
Southsi' for li' Familia, until I'm on my back [Hook]

I'm a bonified soldier, in the G to the T
Motherfuc*** be screaming murder, on T-R-A-E
Everyday when I grind, I gotta get it like it's my last breath
F*** what them niggas thinking, hit my corner they mean death
The youngest of the Maab, but I'ma stomp like a big dog
Presidential be hating, now my glock saying f*** y'all
Ro pass the word, let me show em how it go
Cause I ain't playing with bitches, I'm disposing all of my foes
We M double A-B, S-L-A-B till I'm dead
Everynight I be on the edge, with a pump onside of my bed
Going retarded, cause niggas take this game for a joke
Eternally burning, I'm bout to put this bitch up in smoke
They must be on dope, thinking the court of law gon resolve it
If my brother Dinkie was here, I swear to God he would bomb it
Rest in peace to my niggas, that we lost in the field
For real, disrespect it and you gon f*** around and get killed [Hook]

Never slipping whether I'm smoking, and I'm dranking or not
Raising so much hell in the streets, niggas thinking demons is hot
Is in our blood it's in our body, it's in our soul
You Jesus don't let me click, cause if I lose it I might stroll
Right up on them Presidential niggas, read em they rights
Revenge or retaliation, or motherfucking gun fight
Now you done fuc*** with me, so it's a must that I f*** with you
How you gon sue me, and you bootlegging dude

Niggas be smoking, how the f*** you gon f*** with the Maab
I been repping since '96, from the booth to the Boulevard
We work hard paying dues, in this god damn game
And these broke ass bitch niggas, wanna roach off the name
Can't give a f*** about your team, or give a f*** if you was paid
The only thing I give a f*** about, is locked up in a cage
And I'm meaning what I scream, ain't no way to shut me up
Till you put me in a grave, and nigga I don't give a f*** I'm a asshole


F*** with y'all...
In the ground...
Get you killed...

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