City Bump

Letra de 'City Bump' por Zake

Acidification flow, I need another brewski

I drop the mic and it's seizing, worse than fuckin' Tunechi
The beat said don't abuse me
World in a state of garboil
So I stay stoned like a gargoyle
Your girl it's nice to meet her, you know I gotta greet her
She see's the pad, and knows it's another fuckin' heater
Can't analyze my mental, trynna maximize my potential
Nowadays girls alkalize, because the alcohol lies
My thoughts on herb, one word legalize
Extirpate the instrumental, that's my existential
Opinions are inconsequential, sooner or later we go intercontinental
In the avalon the homies tag along
R.A.D. Variation, few doobies in rotation
Spraying a can of ozium, while my lyrics cause pandemonium
Rap I haven't abandoned, my rhymes are demanded
Slash your tires, run and leave the mic on fire
Rip the bong to take me higher
I'm the only one like I'm Kanye's kid
You need a backstage pass to access this grass
Skip class to rip glass and I barely just pass
Going for the treasure, CT it's been a pleasure
CT to TC for good measures
All about the revenue, for the better view
I just kill the mic, every single night, do it with delight
6 paper joint no Ricky. I'm not a hippie
Shit will make you dizzy, don't hit it so quickly
I'm a legend, Otto Graham, senior year, the motto's go ham
Of course I got it planned out, why you think I stand out
Dabbin' Darth Mauls till the earth falls
Another beat I destroy, I ain't shady like McCoy
Wavy hit a stop sign, trynna top crimes
Now everyone says "Wavy drops dope rhymes!"
On point accurate, this kid don't exaggerate
Your lungs saturate, homie that's your fate
That's what fuckin' happens, now Ima stay rappin'
In the studio trapped in, with Wavy still blastin'
I got pieces, no Reese's. These other rappers are feces
Timbs on my feet, so my cypher complete
Going Donald Trump because I'm nicer on the beat
And stop it with the tweets, kid jumping out of his seat
Up in my mentions, trying to get my attention
Because I've been putting in work just like a fuckin' henchman
I've been going nuts, like I'm about to bust, this game wide open
Bout to buzz worldwide
Flowing like it's a high tide, hit you from the blind side
Living like a cat, 9 lives. Kill a track in the laboratory
Dissing you is another fuckin' horror story
Toking trees because these other emcee's bore me..

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